8–10 March 2017
15Hatfields, London, UK


Sponsors helped us to add delight and enjoyed the chance to engage directly with our participants.

Valtech, Service Design in Government sponsors


Valtech is a global digital agency. We understand and help to solve the business and technological complexities faced by organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Founded in Paris in 1993, Valtech employs over 2250 skilled people in over 25 offices across the globe with London being the global HQ. In the UK we specialise in three key business areas design, development and data. We believe that these three areas are critical to business success and one cannot succeed without the other.

Surevine, Service Design in Government sponsors


Surevine builds secure, scalable collaboration solutions for the most security conscious organisations on the planet; joining people up and enabling collaboration on their most highly sensitive information.

Our systems are accredited to handle your most sensitive information, whilst still delivering an intuitive and engaging user experience which actively promotes participation; building smart, secure networks of connected people.

Our smart research and development and customer sponsored R&D into collaboration technology delivers constant innovation, building products born out of genuine user needs.

Surevine’s people are experts in:

  • Development and integration of secure collaboration software ensuring those who need to know get to know, even where that information is sensitive.
  • Thought leadership, industry analysis and technical consultancy around collaboration and secure information sharing.
  • Secure collaboration technology deep support, giving you unique access to the core platform developers.
More than Metrics, Service Design in Government sponsors

More than Metrics

More than Metrics GmbH develops service design tools for companies who want to improve their customer experience. Smaply is a web-based software that can illustrate journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps. ExperienceFellow is a combination of mobile app and web-based software to research customer experience through mobile ethnography.

The company was founded by the renowned service design experts Marc Stickdorn, Jakob Schneider, and Klaus Schwarzenberger. More than Metrics is based in Innsbruck, Austria, and its international team serves customers all over the world.


Community Groups

dba, Service Design in Government community group