COVID-19 Safety at SDinGov

Although there are no COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, we know that for some of our community, Covid still has serious risks.  We ask that you be mindful of other people’s boundaries and take appropriate measures.

Participants (including speakers and sponsors)

  • If you feel unwell during the event, please stay in your hotel room and / or return home - you must not participate in any aspect of the conference, including social events. Please contact us if you need any assistance.
  • It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure they have a negative test before arriving at the venue, and participating at the event, on each day they attend.
  • We will not check participants have performed these tests and are taking it on trust that you will behave professionally and with the safety of others in mind. We have a small set of spare Lateral Flow Tests if you have forgotten to test today.
  • We encourage mask wearing within the indoor spaces, especially in the main lecture theatre.


  • Where windows and/or external fire doors can safely open, we have asked the venue to keep them open during sessions.
  • Air filtration will be provided via HEPA air purifiers in each session room and in the conference registration / sponsors area.
  • We will also be monitoring air quality throughout the conference using CO2 monitors.

We will provide 

  • Hand sanitiser in all session rooms, refreshment areas, and on our registration desk
  • Disinfection wipes will be available in session rooms and from our registration desk
  • We will be carrying a UVC LED sterilising cube for small electronic items

Last updated: 29 Aug 2023