Coverage 2021

Discover the takeaways, inspirations and impressions from our 2021 (online) SDinGov event

dxw - Reflections from the Service Design in Government conference Oct 2021

Sopra Steria UK Design Team - Learnings from the SDinGOV conference Stéphanie Krus, 21 Oct 2021

Unboxed - Service Design in Government Conference Highlights 2021, Jo Oliveira, Martyn Evans and Kassie Paschke, 27 Sept 2021

cxpartners - "Our main takeaways from SDinGov Conference 2021" 7 Oct 2021

"Reflections from an infiltrator: From ‘SD in Gov’ to, um, ‘kind of SD, elsewhere’" Alison McKinley Sept 2021

Stéphanie - Blog on advice for speakers

Coverage 2020

Discover the takeaways, inspirations and impressions from the 2020 (in person) SDinGov event

Beyond service design - Sarah Prag's blog

View from SDinGov - Duncan Stephen's blog 

Weeknote from Sam Villis

Blog from Aimee Tasker

Blog by Simon Wilson

HackIT blog co-written by Rahma Mohamed & Joy Suthigoseeya

Blog from University of Edinburgh about the Volunteers

Sketchnotes from Hazel White (@HazeloneWhite)