Take some time out...

At our conferences we often bring in some alternative content to help you take time out from a busy event. We've pulled a collection of videos together to bring something similar to our virtual space. Enjoy :) 

This is a throwback to our 2016 Agile Manchester conference, where we had an "Emergency Kittens" room (think bean bags, fluffy rugs, cute posters, plants etc).

Unfortunately we couldn't have real kittens but this compilation was played on loop all day. 

We've pulled it from our archives just in case you could do with some Emergency Kittens in your life today!

Mini Meditation

Take a minute out with this mini meditation from Headspace

Sound Bath

Edinburgh Sound Massage

Release, as you immerse yourself in the hypnotic sounds and soothing vibrations of the Tibetan bowls, crystal tuning forks, gongs and other instruments. Relax, as the body resonates with the vibrations of the ancient instruments. Renew, as unwanted thoughts and tension float away and your spirit is lifted.

The Hermitage River Walk, Dunkeld, Scottish Countryside

We can't be in Scotland for the conference this year,  so here's a Scottish river walk to take over lunch...

SDinGov Promo

Feeling a little nostalgic for our beautiful Scottish venue? We've pulled this promo from our archives, see who you can spot! 

Feels like you're here...