Photograph of Esko Reinikainen

Esko Reinikainen is co-founder of culture hackers, The Satori Lab. He has been called by turns ‘a heretic’ and ‘a visionary leader with a social conscience’. Over his career he has spent time in the military, as a theatre director, in cultural administration and as a local government officer.

His current practice was prototyped during his architecture of the Monmouthshire Intrapreneurship School as part of the Nesta Creative Councils innovation programme, and is further being refined through innovation work with a range of clients in the public value sector, from the European Commission to national government bodies through to local government and other organisations with social objectives.

Drawing from a range of intellectual resources from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) to Aalto University (Finland) and collaborative practice in international networks, he is developing tools, methods and processes that help organisations undergo radical change. If you need to understand how the confluence of complex adaptive systems, peer based modes of production, agile development, user centred design, culture transformation and radical innovation matter to the survival of your organisation, you may just want to come to his keynote!