Our 2021 Keynotes

Cyd Harrell

Cyd Harrell photograph

Civic Design Consultant & Author of A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide

Cyd is well known in industry and government for her creative approach to UX research and service design.

Since 2012, working with the Center for Civic Design, Code for America, and 18F, as well as independently, Cyd has helped multiple executive- and judicial-branch agencies in the US apply research techniques and user-centered practice to serving the public.

Her book, A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide, is an onboarding guide and survival manual for tech people joining public sector work.

When not at the office helping public servants use design for good, Cyd is a mentor for mid-senior UX practitioners. Her favourite tools are metaphor and (metaphorical) duct tape.

Linkedin @cydharrell

Edafe Onerhime

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Data Specialist & Author of Open Standards for Data Guidebook

Edafe Onerhime is data specialist and Data Architecture Governance Lead in financial services. A speaker and writer, she has 20+ years experience in technology. Her focus is making impact with data. 

She is a leading voice on data governance, data strategy, and data standards. Her unique Open Standards for Data Guidebook, developed for the Open Data Institute, supports people and organisations adopting or developing data standards. This guidebook helps everyone collaborate with data at scale. She shares how to manage, use data for impact: from data literacy to protected characteristics in practice, from data leadership to strategy to implementation. 

She leads collaborative change to make data valued and valuable with the motto: Data + Design + Culture. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her wife and cat.


LinkedIn @ekoner

Kelly Ann (KA) McKercher

Kelly Ann (KA) McKercher photograph

Designer and Author of Beyond Sticky Notes, NSW Government (Australia)

Kelly Ann (KA) McKercher (them/they) is a designer, writer and public sector innovation leader.

They are the author of ‘Beyond Sticky Notes: Doing Co-design for Real.’ KA leads innovation at NSW Government (Health Pathology) and teaches design at the University of Sydney. KA’s work on ‘designing with’ is taught in universities, is supporting health and social care systems reform internationally and used as a reference guide by thousands of practitioners.

Learn more about Kelly Ann’s work: https://www.beyondstickynotes.com/ 


George Aye

George Aye photograph

Co-Founder and Director of Innovation, Greater Good Studio

George co-founded Greater Good Studio to use design to heal, to be just, to be restorative.

Previously, he spent seven years at a global innovation firm before being hired as the first human-centered designer at the Chicago Transit Authority.

Since founding Greater Good he guides clients and teams through complex projects that honour reality, creates ownership and builds power.

He speaks frequently across the US and internationally. George holds the position of Full Professor (Adj) at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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