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Rebecca Scott

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Tobias Brockie

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28 Sep 12:15 12:45

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30 minutes

About the session

Designing healthcare services is difficult. Exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare service design is a whole new ball game. In this talk I'll explore how patient perception about the use of AI in healthcare is more advanced than we might realise; how researcher bias can cause us to underestimate our users; and how understanding context of use is a critical step in avoiding harmful experiences.

Participants Takeaways:

  • By going back to basics and conducting further primary research, we’ve designed a safer and more inclusive patient pathway.
  • Clearly explaining the benefits of a service in simple but accurate language is the best place to start.
  • Trustworthy – create a service that builds on good relationships and gives people confidence they can trust the system.
  • Transparent – be open and honest. When people understand the “why” they can make informed decisions. Clear explanations on data usage, consent and data control are critical, and help increase trust.
  • Assessing the impact that out-of-context data can have on patients is vital to designing a service that delivers value safely.
  • Removing or appearing to remove that aspect of care will quickly disintegrate service trust and buy in.

Themes: Health, AI, Machine learning, Transformation, Ethical design, Patient pathways

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