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George Aye

Co-Founder and Director of Innovation, Greater Good Studio

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17 Sep 16:15 17:15

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60 minutes

About the session

The design industry’s relationship to the field of business has long been established and continues to become further entangled each year. But designers aren’t just satisfied with only disrupting the business sector—they’re keen to disrupt the social sector too.

Unfortunately, the weaknesses baked into our discipline (that have been present from the start) are readily exposed when designers enter complex social issues and treat them like any other human-centered innovation challenge. The lack of a moral framework, let alone a set of ethical guidelines, put designers at great risk of doing more harm than good. 

Designers entering the industry are wholly unprepared for the conflicted project priorities, shallow proclamations of allyship with black and brown communities, and the perverse incentives that riddle the field. At best, we leave ourselves vulnerable to manipulation from clients (both corporate and non-profit), at worst, we become complicit in furthering white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism in this country.

In this session George Aye will pose 10 ethical questions that he knows he failed to answer when they were asked of him in his career. These questions will be the basis for small group discussions

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