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Jaskiran Kang

TPX impact

Session time:

20 Sep 14:00 14:45

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Culture is an important building block for all organisations. You only notice it when you uncover toxic behaviours and it’s too late. I will share how my experience has shaped the leader I am today and what I think is important.

In my talk I'll cover 3 areas:

Part 1: Life experiences shape who we are and how we show up.
Part 2: Distributing power and the value of doing this
Part 3: Future innovation is led by people and how safe they feel to experiment, learn, test and fail.

Participant takeaways:

  • Digital transformation needs communities, to learn, do, share and repeat. One person's strength is another's weakness
  • We all have baggage which defines how we show up, we need to embrace diversity and experience to shape the future
  • We need to create space which is safe to experiment to bring out the best in people. Open doors for people to do their best work
  • Sharing power will motivate folks to step up and help our practices mature and scale.


Culture, Design, Community, Career, Digital transformation, Change, Innovation, Liberating structures, Process, Service design, Motivation, Happiness, OKR, Power and privilege

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