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Sally Halls

CoLab (UK Home Office)

Pippa Streeter Hurle

CoLab (UK Home Office)

Session time:

20 Sep 12:15 13:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

What does it mean to design a service, when you’re not involved in its delivery?

How can you ensure that the service delivers its outcomes, when it’s being delivered at arms length?

In this talk we'll share how we've been working with policy colleagues to design these kinds of services. We’ll discuss the challenges of working in this space when the classic service design tools are no longer relevant and introduce some of the alternative tools that can be used instead.

We'll also walk through recent work to demonstrate how it works in practice, and share some of the lessons learnt along the way.

As work in the policy space has matured, we’ve moved from areas where the services are delivered in house, to areas where the policy area is owned by the Home Office but the resulting services are commissioned out to other parties to deliver.

This has led to a new set of challenges for service designers. What is the role of a service designer in this context, and where/how can they add value?

Participant takeaways:

  • Understanding Policy Design The tools of ‘service design at a distance’
  • Providing system leadership to unite diverse stakeholders
  • How we’ve applied ‘service design at a distance’

Policy Design, user centred design, user research, policy, strategy.

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