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Case Study

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Assunção Sampayo


Session time:

22 Sep 14:00 14:45

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

After almost a century of failed attempts to establish a coherent rural land identification and registration system across Portugal, the Portuguese Government set a cooperation initiative between different public and private sectors in 2017.

This initiative had one goal: mapping who owns what and where. That was the beginning of BUPi, and we have been there since the start.

In order to test a new approach, the Portuguese Government launched the program that allowed us to shape the pilot project with ten municipalities in rural areas of Portugal. The goal was to mobilise property owners to identify the location and limits of their land. By using digital maps, based on satellite images, at local information desks with the help of specialised technicians to guide the owners.

Our role was to design the whole experience of this public service and define the mobilisation strategy to map more than 50% of the combined territory across these ten locations.

Through a Service Design approach, we immersed ourselves in the context by relocating to one of the municipalities for a month — listening carefully, examining the lands, engaging stakeholders, and putting citizens at the centre of the project.

Europe, governance, territory, bigger picture, future looking, data driven, digital transformation, communities, strategy, research, communication.

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