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Case Study

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Sofia Carvalho

With Company

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16 Sep 12:00 12:30

Session duration:

30 minutes

About the session

In 2015, the Portuguese Ministry of Education transferred some of the responsibilities of the school system to the Municipalities. Each city council had to find their ways of moving forward and adapt to a different type of relationship with local schools and all their stakeholders (teachers, staff, parents, legal guardians, educational partners, suppliers, and most importantly, students).

Cascais city council has been in the forefront of innovation in lots of areas, and in order to continue boosting this journey and taking the educational community along, they understood they needed a tailor made solution for the unique context and needs of their population.

So, we identified a group of variables which helped us guarantee a diverse and inclusive research sample.

We considered different participants, locations and schools according to variables such as: social and economic context, age, household composition, first language, technology literacy, etc. We combined humanist and social science strategies with design discovery techniques, combining multiple research methods.

To tackle this challenge and find the true needs of the community we designed a project that led us to work in the fields of ethnographic and human-centered research, strategy, and service and UX design. We also used both exploratory and confirmatory research approaches, which allowed us to have strong confidence in the data collected.

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Themes: Education, Communities, Empowerment, Psychological Safety, Inclusion, Learning, Experience Design, Service Design

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