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Liam Hawkes

Home Office

Charlotte Moore

Home Office

Session time:

28 Sep 12:15 12:45

Session duration:

30 minutes

About the session

As we get better at designing and delivering public services, the crucial need for service ownership has emerged. In this talk, we'll share how we're starting to use service ownership to bring policy, operations and delivery closer together. We'll also show examples of how this approach improves the effectiveness of running services, helps to appropriately prioritise and fund improvements and ultimately, ensure you are meeting and adapting to the needs of your users and policy intent.

Participants Takeaway:

  • Gaining clarity with policy owners around the policy intent of a service
  • Developing a set of agreed policy outcomes and identifying how well the service is performing at meeting these
  • Using ongoing user research to identify problems in the service and prioritising what improvements are made – including changes to policy, product and operations

Themes: leadership, policy design, Service Design, User Centred Design, User Research, Policy, Strategy, Service Ownership

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