Session type:


Presented by:

Bukola Jolugbo

Rare Rubies ltd

Dayo Samuel


Session time:

19 Sep 11:15 12:45

Session duration:

90 minutes

About the session

Explore the delicate balance between intuition and evidence in addressing unspoken user needs.

This session dives into the psychology behind user requirements, recruitment strategies, and leadership in design, emphasising minority inclusion and psychological insights to enhance service design for diverse populations. Participants will learn to identify general and psychological user needs, with a special emphasis on inclusive recruiting.

Through practical insights, the session aims to enhance leadership in design by meeting deep-seated user needs and fostering diversity.

Participant takeaways:

  • Frameworks for balancing intuition with evidence in design decision-making
  • Strategies for inclusive recruitment, ensuring representation of diverse user groups
  • Techniques for uncovering and addressing the psychological needs of users
  • Insights into some design projects with a keen eye on user-centred inclusivity
  • Practical methods to increase participation of underrepresented groups in design research


User-centred design and inclusivity, Psychological principles in design, Leadership in service design, Minority inclusion: Bridging gaps in research, Intuition vs. evidence in decision making, Leadership and empathy in design processes

This session:

  • Has a number cap: 40 participants
  • Requires participants to bring laptops

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