Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Howard Tam

ThinkFresh Group

Nate Gerber

ThinkFresh Group

Ankita Verma

City of Toronto

Session time:

16 Sep 16:00 17:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Service design is traditionally concerned with working to improve the quality and user interaction aspects of service delivery.

In recent years, there has been a growing understanding that while this form of design delivers improvements, deeper and lasting impact occurs when there is strategic engagement at the organisational-leadership level. These impacts can be unlocked through strategic design.

In this session, we will explore a municipal government service digitisation case study from Toronto, Canada that transitioned itself from an interaction only service design framing into a more holistic strategic design framing.

Participant takeaways:

  • Understanding of the role of service design tools in the context of strategic design at the organisational level
  • Seeing how a holistic and deeper approach to user insights helps to tease out the cascading strategic implications for a project Understanding of the innovative blending of service and strategic tools that ThinkFresh Group deployed for the C2K project
  • A list of core insights generated from the case study and the Q & A/Discussion

This session will be:

  • Delivered: Live
  • Recorded: Yes
  • Has a participant number cap: No
  • Includes: Discussion, sharing your own stories of strategic service design interventions

Themes: Strategy, Leadership, Deep User Research, Management, Innovation, Organisational Design

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