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Malcolm Beattie

iLab - Innovation Lab, Northern Ireland

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17 Sep 12:15 13:15

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60 minutes

About the session

The Enabling Ecosystem

Successful Service Design is not just about the skilled application of methodology; it is dependent on many other factors working together in such a way as to create conditions for success.

As a whole, I call these the Enabling Ecosystem, which has 6 identifiable components, each with its own unique features; and these conditions must be right for success. In fact I suggest that before embarking on a Service Design project (or any other form of innovation) it makes sense to review each part of the Enabling Ecosystem to determine if conditions are right to proceed.

The Enabling Ecosystem is the product of 5 years experience working across parts of the Northern Ireland public sector and observing the obstacles that stifle creativity and limit the capacity of innovators to bring their skills to bear on public sector challenges. 

This talk takes the audience through the 6 components, with real life examples from my experience. It is also references what I have learned from innovators and academics elsewhere.

The aim of the session is to provide a lively, engaging session that will help the audience be alert for the inhibitors in their local ecosystem and to take steps to mitigate those inhibitors in advance. My position is simple – understanding the Enabling Ecosystem is vital to success. It helps avoid nugatory projects; better sells the service offering; and anticipates and builds-in the necessary foundational steps for success.

Participant takeaways:

  • Successful Service Design is so much more than methodology
  • Service Designers operate in a messy, complex and challenging environment
  • There is an Enabling Ecosystem and navigating that will enhance the likelihood of success
  • Service Design projects need led by people who know and who can operate in the Enabling Ecosystem

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Themes: Strategy, Public Entrepreneur, Immune Response, Enabling Ecosystem, Self Awareness, Behavioural Science, Systems Modelling, Strategic Insights, Cognitive Biases, Anticipatory Design, Foresight Planning,

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