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Presented by:

Sylvie Abookire, MPH

The Lab @ DC

Session time:

28 Sep 11:15 12:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

In order to learn what works best for residents, we must evaluate government services. Randomized evaluations are one of the most robust tools available, yet agencies are often hesitant, raising important questions such as "is it ethical to withhold a service from those who qualify?" This session shares lessons about ethics, feasibility, and optimum conditions for randomization using examples from work done in Washington, DC, and guides participants in an activity to explore randomization in the context of their own work.


  • Learn about the benefits, risks and optimum conditions for randomised evaluations.
  • Consider how you might discuss randomisation with your teams, leaders, partners, clients, or stakeholders as it applies to your own services or projects.

Themes: Metrics, data, ROI, Research, Randomized Evaluation, Co-Design in Evaluations, Evidence-Based Service Design, Ethics, Agency/Customer/Client Relations, Stakeholder Engagement

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