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Presented by:

Tory Dunn

NHS Blood and Transplant

David Broggio

NHS Blood and Transplant

Session time:

20 Sep 14:00 15:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

We’re moving on from the days when government programme “design boards” had no designers, yet exercised governance over design decisions.

Designers are leading the establishment of new bodies, such as service design authorities or boards, providing forums for cross-disciplinary consideration of significant design decisions.

This session will bring together people developing these new practices, and those who would like to do this in their organisation. We’ll discuss what works, the benefits and challenges, and what we’ve learned along the way.

Tory and David will facilitate an open discussion of designers' and colleagues' experiences in setting up and running new forums like service design authorities or boards. And they’ll open the conversation to all participants.

Participant takeaways

  • Practical tips on when and how to set up a design governance body.
  • Understanding of the factors to consider, particularly in the context of your organisation.
  • Advice and knowledge from peers across government and public services.
  • Tips on building support for a design governance, including how to reassure colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Ideas on how to evaluate the success of your design governance body.

This session includes: 

  • Interaction/discussion.
  • Has a session number cap: 32 participants

Discussion, health, leadership, change, culture, collaboration, decisions, design process, governance, influence, organisation, HCD maturity, strategy.

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