Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Sylvie Abookire, MPH

The Lab @ DC

Session time:

29 Sep 12:15 12:45

Session duration:

30 minutes

About the session

As service designers, we are adept at listening well, understanding complex interactions between people and within systems, and identifying creative opportunities. As members of working groups that often comprise multiple disciplines, perspectives, and motivations, we must approach teamwork with intention and importance. While differing opinions and interpersonal dynamics are inevitabilities of collaborative work, our service design superpowers uniquely position us to navigate conflict with poise. In this session, we will explore conflict navigation through a lens of mindfulness, systems-thinking, and human-centered design.

Participants Takeaways:

  • Build connection to the present moment and increase awareness of the self in conflict.
  • Learn concepts of conflict navigation theory.
  • Learn how human-centered design and systems-thinking mindsets can be applied to conflict navigation.

Themes: Mindfulness, Conflict Navigation, Empathy Building, Systems Dynamics, Mapping Tools

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