Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Thomas Dunn

Derbyshire County Council

Session time:

22 Sep 12:30 13:15

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

The cost of living crisis is not new, just bigger and faster than previous shifts in living standards. In Derbyshire we took a public health approach to cost of living by focussing on financial wellbeing. Key to this was understanding the experiences of our residents through direct delivery of caring services.

In Derbyshire we have developed and expanded our financial inclusion services and support as a result of the ongoing cost of living pressures. In Public Health, we have direct delivery of services and funds for vulnerable individuals. We are co-creating and shaping the services and offers by taking a public health approach to financial wellbeing to catch people when they fall.

We're a large semi rural county with areas of rural and urban deprivation. Before the current cost of living crisis we took discretionary funds and welfare rights services into the public health team. We've used data and intelligence, partnership working, evidence reviews, granular understanding of our populations and causes of financial hardship to shape our service. The next phase is creating a prevention service that stops people falling in the first place.

We'd love to tell you about our journey, what we've learnt, what we do well at and what we need help to do better.

Local Gov, health, place/community, cost of living, financial inclusion, financial wellbeing, prevention.

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