Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Pete Bates


Steve Borthwick


Emma Nicol


Session time:

28 Sep 16:30 17:30

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Retirement is no longer an event. It’s a journey. People start it at different times and it continues for the rest of their life. And it’s often fraught with problems. Everyone’s journey is different. People need different support, with different timescales, and need help from different organisations. What’s even more complicated, is that these needs change whenever something in a person’s life change. How does a team funded by one government department figure out how to start solving these problems?

Participants takeaways:

  • Find ALL your stakeholders, understand what’s happening around you and who’s doing it. You’ll find far more allies and supporters than challengers and blockers. You won’t get far without buy-in
  • How do you define your scope? Point 2 of the GOV.UK service standard Understand the whole problem, even if you’re not solving the whole problem. If you say end-to-end, know where your ends are! (Influence, feasibility and value.) Focus on what you want to learn – hard when you don’t yet know the problem or the solution.
  • Mapping a non-linear journey onto a linear timeline. In government, processes and milestones can be rigid. Although you’re trying to work outside that rigidity, don’t ignore it. The people paying for your team certainly won’t! Tell your story in a way everyone can relate to.
  • Having the right people from the beginning – we pulled our core team together from the start of our Discovery. We have to work hard to protect our team from other priorities, but it very much worth arriving at each stage of the journey together.

Themes: Service Design, Crisis, Emergency, Policy, Collaboration, Safety

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