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Valerie McLean

Because Agile Ltd.

Sarah Liston

Registers of Scotland

Session time:

21 Sep 14:00 16:30

Session duration:

120 minutes

About the session

Think about your favourite meeting ever, the one where you were excited to go, felt engaged, valued and equal to the others there. The one that explored important issues in depth and came up with real paths forward - and a plan to make things happen.

Are you struggling to remember this meeting? Or maybe this doesn’t sound like something that COULD happen - a pipe dream if you like.

Join Valerie and Sarah to find practical ways to make every meeting your favourite meeting, using Liberating Structures.

Traditional meeting structures include an agenda, a chairperson, a few key voices speaking, many others quiet, little opportunity - aside from the ‘Any Other Business’ at the end - to raise your points or questions (when everyone is itching to leave, or go to the next meeting). They stifle inclusion, engagement and open discussion - but are all too common in modern workplaces.

Sometimes this is warranted - often it’s not.

But that can all change. Valerie and Sarah will introduce you to the world of Liberating Structures - a set of simple facilitation tools for meetings or gatherings of people which can revolutionise your interactions and time together.

From a simple 15 minute energiser, finding alignment on key messages, to a mix of structures that can take participants through a journey together, there is something in the Liberating Structures toolbox for every type of meeting and every group context.

Liberating structures, methods, facilitation, meetings, equal voice, psychological safety, understanding group context.

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