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Mark Dalgarno


Amanda Smith

Public Digital

Session time:

28 Sep 16:30 17:30

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

User-centred policy design (UCPD) is an emergent practice that has gained traction, at least for a time, in several central UK government departments and in local government. In this participatory discussion session we'll hear from experts, practitioners and the curious about their experiences of UCPD, what works, what hasn't worked and how we might do things differently.

The session will be run using the Fishbowl discussion format and an initial panel of practitioners will be sourced from SDinGov speakers and participants. We'll follow Chatham House Rules for this session - people are free to use the material discussed but please do not reveal who made any particular comment either directly or indirectly.

Themes: Policy design

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