Session type:


Presented by:

Ali Blake


Graeme McCubbin


Liz LeBlanc

Livework Studio

Session time:

29 Sep 15:15 16:45

Session duration:

90 minutes

About the session

Join us for this discussion session, where a small group will discuss how they are tackling the issue of implementing and embedding service design, different approaches they're taking to solve this problem, challenges faced, and both successes and failures. The purpose of the session is to hear a set of lightning talks, then have an open, honest Lean Coffee peer-to-peer discussion, share approaches and experiences, and tools and techniques that others can learn from.

This session has: 

  • A session number cap: 15 participants


Purpose of this session is to:

  • Have an open, honest peer-to-peer group discussion about different approaches of addressing embedding service design and how organisations are tackling this problem
  • Share approaches, tools and techniques that may be working (or not working) for one team that others can learn from
  • Uncover and learn from the biggest successes and failures experienced, and lessons learned from this The format

Session format:

  • Based on the agenda-less Lean Coffee approach, enabling participants to design the session around the areas and questions they want to explore and discuss.
  • This format includes: - A set of lightning talks from some members of the group to begin
  • Open group discussions, based on dot-voted and prioritised questions and topics, around the table
  • Chatham House Rule to enable participants to openly share their experiences amongst the group

Participant Takeaways:

  • A wide and varied conversation around a big, validated problem
  • The opportunity to hear and learn from different people’s experiences, and perspectives
  • The chance to share your experiences, thoughts, challenges, and successes in a safe environment

Themes: Lean Coffee, Service Design, Design Culture

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