Use a sticky note to give constructive thoughts & feelings, a sketch or note on anything: speakers, virtual venue, event organisation etc.

Add positive feelings at the top, put constructive thoughts at the bottom. Keep it professional & respectful - write what you'd be happy to say face to face.

You can add as many as you like, throughout the day, add +1 or -1 on other notes if you agree or disagree.

Click on "see the board" in the preview below to edit the board on this page


  • Please keep comments respectful and supportive, we will moderate comments if needed
  • The event team will check the board regularly and address issues during the event where possible
  • Our virtual retro wall is inspired by our in-person retro walls that developed from work by Emily Webber


  • Once the board is open you can click on "Miro" at the top left corner of the board to open it directly in Miro
  • To edit the board you first need to click the arrow at the top of the menu on the left, this will change your pointer from a hand to an arrow
  • To zoom in/out, locate the % at the bottom right corner, hover over it and select - or +

Realtime Retrospective

Feedback forms

To ensure we continue to organise events that are interesting and relevant, please take a few moments to reflect on your experience and complete our feedback form