We release tickets in small batches. Prices increase as we get closer to the event. Tickets are available until the date shown - unless they sell out sooner. SDinGov has sold out early for the past two years - so we recommend you secure your tickets early.

If you wish to send someone different each day, you’ll need to purchase one day tickets (two and three day tickets cannot be split) day tickets will be available after the Early Bird tickets have sold out.

Supporter Discounts

Promo codes are available through event supporters and user groups. Check your user group or contact your group organiser and ask them to support the event.

We also send news and promo codes to our mailing list.

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GOV Discount

We offer people employed or contracted by central or local government a 15% discount using the code 15GOV.

This discount does not apply to consultancy employees or associates or to others providing services to customers in those sectors.

Code of Conduct

We are focused on improving participant experience and raising the bar in the tech events sector.

Our conference encourages a safe place to learn, be curious and experiment no matter what background or knowledge you bring.

 Code of Conduct


SDinGov participants will need to follow any COVID-19 safety plan/requirements that we have in place at the time of the event - these will be communicated to you ahead of the event. At a minimum we'll work in accordance with advice and guidance from the UK and local governments, and we will continually review this up to, and at the event.

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Opportunity Tickets

We have a limited number of these, to apply email us with details on why you're a suitable candidate e.g.
• Low/no wage
• From an underrepresented group in this community
• You'd benefit from attending & would not ordinarily be able to



Our speakers will be people who have experience, and can share it with others - enabling them to learn and experiment.

We actively encourage first time speakers and are keen to help all speakers develop their craft.



Leave with new ideas and concepts you can put into practice straight away. You will be encouraged to tackle new, challenging ideas, and share your knowledge with others.

Fresh Perspectives

You'll be able to learn about different perspectives - perhaps this could be a new way of looking at long-term challenges.

Practical Approaches

We want participants to hear and experience things they can try when they get back to their work. There will be some theory, but it’ll be blended with take away points that can be applied later.

Delicious Food & Drink

Our venue will provide lunch each day, as well as tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

Social Nights

An evening to relax and connect with fellow participants over free food and drink.

New friends

An excellent chance to make new friends and future collaborators.


It should be ‘smooth sailing’, right from your arrival, thanks to our highly experienced team.

SDinGov is a practical public sector service design conference that allows participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry. Participants will include Government employees, consultants and design agencies.

The event is aimed primarily at professionals who either manage, design or develop public services including within:

  • central & local government
  • the 3rd sector, Arts
  • Education sector services
  • Health sector services
  • Emergency sector services
  • civic technologies

We also welcome participants who want to learn from the public sector and apply those learnings in a different setting.


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors who help make this conference possible year-on-year. If you want to showcase your organisation to our participants in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, get in touch to discuss the perfect package for you.