Welcome Desk - Live!

You can join us live at our welcome desk here:  Say Hello :)  

It's a bit like our conference registration desk, without the badges! 

We'll be online:

  • Thursday from 08:30 - 16.00
  • Friday from 08:30 - 16:00

If you'd like to use a breakout room to meet with other participants, drop-in on this link and we'll arrange that for you.


Welcome to SDinGov virtual - we are delighted to be running this event in our bespoke virtual venue.

As at any of our events, it is important that all our participants have a great experience.  We have worked hard to put together an event which not only has a fantastic programme,  we also have tried to include some of the other delights which can be enjoyed at our physical events, such as relaxing in our garden, and reading time in our library.  We also have some delicious recipes from for you to try at home.

One of our main objectives is to help build and sustain our community, and encourage people to make new connections, share stories, experiences and learning outside of the auditorium, this can be done in our chatter room.

We are always trying to improve, so feedback is important to us. There are several places you can do this on the event platform, including our real time retrospective wall in Miro. We are grateful for all feedback we receive.

Now all that is left is for you to go and join the sessions, learn, share, meet new people and have a great time at our conference and remember if you need to contact a team member directly please come back to the welcome desk where we will be here waiting to help you.

Allison, Emilie, Priscila & Mark

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Participant Joining Information

Our participant joining information gives useful tips for joining our event, it's here if you need to check it