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Alan Colville

Colville CX

Session time:

21 Sep 11:00 12:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Lack of understanding and haphazard deployment of design in government and public sector creates confusion for teams and organisations, fragmented experiences for users, and costs taxpayers.

The conditions are not created to design with impact. The modus operandi in government and public sector organisations of settling for 'good enough', or design by committee, unhinges foundational design elements and approaches. For anyone struggling to solve problems in a quality way, this talk offers ways forward.

On a quest for purpose, this talk tracks the 4 year journey of a design leader since moving from award winning designs for global brands driven by shareholder value, to government, public sector, and users with real needs.

It offers a fresh perspective on common frustrations and failures, if not for the top design teams, then for the rest of us. Unwilling to accept the status quo, this talk offers ways to think differently, not accept ‘good enough’ and navigate the biggest barriers to design in government and public sector.

If you are experiencing these tensions, this talk is for you:

Outcomes versus outputs, waterfall versus Agile, narrow, sprint focus versus service design, tactical versus strategic, product versus service owner, complexity versus understanding, procurement process versus what’s needed, in-house versus outsourced, safe versus innovation, committee versus empowered team, consensus versus hard decisions, stories versus needs, certainty versus uncertainty, fatigue versus motivation, generalist versus expert.

Culture, innovation, thought-provoking, bigger picture, coaching, complexity, creativity, design, happiness, innovation, leadership, motivation, problem solving, storyboarding, team, thought provoking, visualisation.

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